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The "Communist World" Enters the Struggle
by The Communist World
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November 1, 1919 sees The Communist World, the official organ of the Communist Party of America appear.

The Communist World was one of many journals, newspapers and magazines published immediately prior to and following the founding of the two Communist Parties in 1919. This particular newspaper was founded by the Communist Party of America’s very large New York City local composed of several thousand, mostly foreign born, revolutionary workers. Eventually this and other papers after unification a few years later would merge into other papers of the new, united Communist Party. Only 8 issues were ever published.

The "Communist World," official organ of the Communist Party, Local Greater New York, makes its initial appearance with this issue. It is no mere coincidence that wherever the Communist Party gains a foothold in a large industrial center a periodical organ of propaganda usually follows as the next step. On the contrary, it is a logical sequence. in line with our tactics—ORGANIZATION AND PROPAGANDA. Not stressing Organization alone—that way lies stultification; nor stressing propaganda alone—that way leads to a criminal dissipation of energy, for it leaves us with no effective means of crystallizing the sentiment created by our propaganda. But the two together, developing side by side, each reflecting the growing power and strength of the Communist movement. That is the all-powerful secret. Develop the Organization —develop the propaganda. And develop both in keeping with political and industrial conditions, holding fast at all times to Communist principles. That is the tactic of the Communist Party.

We are no revolutionary mushroom organization seeking the favor of the workers for a day or a year. We are no spinelesa aggregation of theorists peddling a new brand of universal panacea. Nor are we hotheada or crack-brained enthtisiasts who make the wish for revolution father to the act. We are a conscious, deliberate outgrowth of the class-conscious revolutionary sentiment in America—just as much a product of political and economic conditions as the recent imperialistic world war, as the collapse of "moderate Socialism," as the League of Nations, aa the breakdown of capitalism, as the formation of the Third International at Moscow calling upon the workers for world revolution.

Our object is the abolition of the wage system and the establishment of the Communist Coromonwealth through the dictatorship of the proletariat. No mere tinkering with the present capitalist structure; no peaceful growing out of capitalism into Socialism ; no parliamentary reforms ; no waiting until exhausted Capitalism recuperates from the effects of the world war; no aiding of that recuperation under the guise of "reconstruction," as our Eight Wing Socialists would have us do, but the immediate, continuous, bitter, implacable, uncompromising struggle with the master class until Communism is a reality. And since we differ so fundamentally with the "moderate Socialists" in our object; and since a different object implies different principles and tactics, so must we have a different organization and a different FORM of organization to carry on our propaganda. Therefore the birth of the "Communist World," official organ of the Communist Party of America.

Communism Is How We Forcibly Break Apart the Organized Power of the Capitalist Class
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