Red Letter
Daily Left Theory. 15 Minutes or Less. Refreshes at Midnight.
In Praise of Learning
by Bertolt Brecht
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We read all of Lenin's State and Revolution. We're going to break chronology and have a chill day. Read a poem and get back to theory tomorrow.

Learn the simplest things! For you whose time has come
it is never too late!
Learn your ABC's, it is not enough, but learn it!
Do not let it discourage you, begin!
You must know everything!
You must take over the leadership!

Learn, man in the asylum!
Learn, man in prison!
Learn, wife in the kitchen!
Learn, man of sixty!
Seek out the school, you who are homeless!
Sharpen your wits, you who shiver!
Hungry man, reach for the book:
It is a weapon.
You must take over the leadership!

Don’t be afraid of asking, brother!
Don’t be won over,
See for yourself!
What you don’t know yourself, you don’t know.
Add up the reckoning.
It’s you who must pay it.
Put your finger on each item
ask how did it get here?
You must take over the leadership!
Communism Is How We Forcibly Break Apart the Organized Power of the Capitalist Class
   If you want compare armchairs, write to   ?s    YTD All the available strength of the old order faced the unorganised power of the new, the unknown